Saddle Maintenance Tips: In Skirt 3-Way Rigging

Have a Bob's Custom Saddle with In-Skirt 3-Way rigging? From calls we've received and saddles we've had sent in for repairs, we've found a lot of our In-Skirt 3-Way rigged Saddles are rigged incorrectly. Watch Bob demonstrate how to correctly rig a 3-Way In-Skirt saddle in this video!

Our 3-way in skirt rigging is designed to be bulk-free as the latigo tie strap never doubles over itself if rigged properly. This rigging can be ordered on any new Bob’s Custom Saddle and is commonly found on the Duane Latimer model.


  1. Be sure the latigo tie strap is attached in the hole closest to the fender.

  2. Loop the tie strap through the cinch ring once.

  3. Feed the tie strap through the center circular hole.

  4. Loop back through the cinch ring a second time.

  5. Any excess latigo can be placed in the remaining hole, or up in the latigo carrier.

NOTE: The near and off sides should be rigged the same way with long latigo tie straps, not off billets. If you’re missing a tie strap on your saddle, give us a call to order one!

near side.png
off side.png