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Quality, Craftsmanship, Performance

Bob's Custom Saddles has been making the finest custom western saddles in the world since 1977. All Bob's Custom Saddles are hand-crafted by lifelong artisan saddle makers who have been honing their craft for generations. Bob's Custom Saddles are built on the finest trees available and from hand-picked, top-grain Hermann Oak Leather, real sheepskin and hand-engraved sterling silver or silver overlay. From our varied western performance saddles to our line of specially designed Lady’s saddles, each saddle is built to address each individual rider's needs and preferences to provide the optimal look, longevity, and comfort, and deliver peak performance for the winning ride. 

We hand-tool every saddle, hand-lay every ground seat, hand-stitch every seat and hand-craft each cantle to ensure each Bob's Custom Saddle meets the high design and construction standards our customers demand. Each saddle is hand inspected to meet and exceed its specific custom order. Bob's Custom Saddles has been building quality custom saddles for 40 years and wants to thank our customers for letting us know Bob's Custom Saddles have and are still delivering that quality ride today.

Bob's Custom Saddles has carried more premier horsemen to World, Futurity and Derby Championships than any other custom saddle maker. Our superior quality, craftsmanship and performance have made our reining, working cowhorse, silver show, ranch versatility, cutting, roping, barrel racing and trail saddles the preferred choice of premier horsemen from around the world.

Setting the Saddle Straight

Quality Of Raw Materials

Bob’s Custom Saddles uses only Hermann Oak leather that is carefully inspected prior to being used for each saddle, ensuring it is clean, smooth, supple and firm. Durable stainless steel hardware, hand-engraved sterling silver or silver overlay, and real sheepskin lining are all used in the construction of Bob’s Custom Saddles.

A Long-Term Investment, Not A Short-Term Picture

When you buy a Bob’s Custom Saddle, you are making an investment in your riding future because Bob’s Custom Saddles are built for longevity. From customer input we know that Bob’s Custom Saddles made as far back as 40 years ago are still being ridden and shown in today. It is not uncommon for saddles of this age to need seat replacements or replaced stirrup leathers, but the integrity of the tree and the leather remains. Bob’s Custom Saddles hold one of the highest resale values in the industry because our name has become synonymous with quality that lasts. 

40 Years Of Saddle Expertise

No other saddle maker has been building custom saddles as long as Bob’s Custom Saddles, and with 40 years of experience comes truly custom designs from hand-designed, intricate tooling and silver patterns to meticulously crafted seat, tree, fender and horn variations.



Our Craftsmen And Artisans

Bob’s Custom Saddles are hand-crafted to premier specifications and designs by the finest craftsmen in the saddle manufacturing business. With unparalleled attention to detail, our artisans hand-tool each saddle, hand-lay each ground seat, hand-stitch each seat and hand-craft each cantle to ensure every Bob’s Custom Saddle meets the high design and construction standards our customers demand.

Detail In Design

Details matter. At Bob’s Custom Saddles we take pride in creating a saddle design that speaks to you. Through customizable tooling silver, skirt and seat designs, as well as being oiled to the darkness of your choice, your Bob’s Custom Saddle will be your perfect fit. 

Each Bob’s Is Truly Unique

Every Bob’s Custom Saddle has its own original work order form specific to the saddle. Each saddle is uniquely numbered as it is ordered and during production. On an authentic Bob’s Custom Saddle, this unique number can be found up on the skirt underneath the left fender. Contact us with this saddle number if you’d like to learn more about a Bob’s Custom Saddle.

The Winning Position

The design of every Bob’s Custom Saddle is formatted from a close contact riding system that Bob’s Custom Saddles started designing in 1976. Each saddle is designed to sit the rider correctly, with a line from the shoulder to the hip to the heel. This is the “Winning Position.”  The Winning Position comes from three different styles of seats. The other contributing factor to the Winning Position is fender length and design. We offer eight different fender styles and custom lengths. By utilizing their seat of choice, the Winning Position will help the rider perform better in their discipline to achieve a higher winning score. 

Trees For Every Trade

A large number of tree variations provides the horse and rider a better fit and seat. Bob’s Custom Saddles offers four different front ends, three different gullet widths, three different cantle heights and six different horns all to make the saddle perform better for the horse and rider. Bob’s Custom Saddles has used the same tree manufacturer since being founded in 1977.

Backed By Professionals

We have multiple World Champion riders that have ridden their whole career in a Bob’s Custom Saddle. 

Proof Is In The Wins

Throughout the past 40 years our performance speaks for itself with Bob’s Custom Saddles carrying 11 of 18 World’s Greatest Horsemen winners, 24 of 35 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity winners and 16 NRHA Futurity winners.

Custom: It’s In The Name

Each Bob’s Custom Saddle can be customized to improve the riding experience for both horse and rider. Custom fit fenders, built to match your inseam, make the saddle perform better for the rider, as the wrong length fender can make for an unbalanced ride. We customize each individual’s seat size and seat style. We offer single, double, single narrow and double narrow padding, and hardseats. At Bob’s Custom Saddles our goal is to fit you and your horse for optimal riding and winning success.

Designs For The Modern Show World

At Bob’s Custom Saddles we take pride in adapting our classic designs and construction to stay up to date in the modern showing arena. When designing your custom silver show saddle we incorporate silver, tooling and coloring options to stay on trend, and the same quality construction so you know your Bob’s Custom Saddle will stand out in the arena, and put you in the “Winning Position.”


Bob’s Custom Saddles have been ridden at the Olympics, National Reining Horse Association Futurity, Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, National Cutting Horse Association Futurity, National Reined Cow Horse Association Futurity and the World Equestrian Games. Bob’s Custom Saddles has also had multiple American Quarter Horse Association World Championships in all major western disciplines: reining, working cowhorse, cutting, western riding, horsemanship and trail, in addition to winning World Championships in the Arabian western pleasure and reining. Showing even more versatility: we’ve had multiple rope horse futurity winners riding our saddles. Bob’s Custom Saddles is the most well-rounded saddle manufacturer in the business today.

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