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We take great pride in making Bob’s Custom Saddles and understand the trust our customers place in a ride they can count on. Bob’s Custom Saddles are hand-crafted from the highest quality raw materials available. Starting with the foundation: to maintain the consistency and quality of our saddle fit, we have stayed with the same quality tree manufacturer since day one. Bob’s Custom Saddles are unique in their show-stopping look and their durability, as they are constructed from the finest hand-picked Hermann Oak leather, hand-engraved sterling silver or silver overlay, and real sheepskin lining. Each saddle is hand inspected to meet and exceed its specific custom order. Bob’s Custom Saddles has been building quality custom saddles for 40 years and we want to thank our customers for letting us know Bob’s Custom Saddles have and are still delivering that quality ride today.  


40 years of craftsmanship at Bob’s Custom Saddles has seen countless hours go into building our saddles’ unique features that deliver a superior look, fit and quality ride. Bob’s Custom Saddles are hand-crafted to premier specifications and designs by the finest craftsmen in the saddle manufacturing business. With unparalleled attention to detail, our artisans hand-tool each saddle, hand-lay each ground seat, hand-stitch each seat and hand-craft each cantle to ensure every Bob’s Custom Saddle meets the high design and construction standards our customers demand. Superior craftsmanship is necessary to build a saddle that looks and rides like a Bob’s Custom Saddle does.




Bob’s Custom Saddles has become synonymous with championship caliber performance, as we have carried more premier horsemen to World, Futurity and Derby Championships than any other custom saddle maker. Throughout the past 40 years our performance speaks for itself with Bob’s Custom Saddles carrying 11 of 18 World’s Greatest Horsemen winners, 24 of 35 National Reined Cow Horse Association Snaffle Bit Futurity winners and 16 National Reining Horse Association Futurity winners. Bob’s Custom Saddles are designed for a balanced and close-contact ride for the utmost performance and function for today’s riders, and use the highest quality materials for long-standing success in the arena. Bob’s Custom Saddles are built to address each individual rider’s needs and preferences to provide the optimal look, while delivering longevity, comfort and peak performance for the winning ride.

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Going to the NRHA Futurity?

The NRHA Futurity runs Nov. 23-Dec. 2. Find our authorized dealers and Kyle Tack in the vendor area for large selections of new and used Bob's Custom Saddles. 

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