Bob's Custom Team Roping Saddles

We put ride-ability in our rope saddles.

Our rope saddles have ride-ability; Designed with the foundation of our other western performance saddles, we have created a saddle that you will enjoy riding and that is rope-certified. 

Close Contact

At Bob’s Custom Saddles the concept has always been to fit the horse, and get the rider as close to the horse as possible—i.e. close contact.

Through tree design, hand-setting our ground seats, half stirrup leathers and the shape and placement of our leg cut-up in the skirt, our rope saddles are designed to give you that close contact feel.

A better ride means better balance, consistency and winning.



Our fenders are designed to allow you to stand and hold your legs in proper position and allow you to get your seat and move your feet forward; so in the heading you’re not leaning forward while getting your dally and going through the corner, and in the heeling you’re able to get sat down to pull your slack and dally smoothly.


Don’t hesitate to call us with your desired specs and appearance in a new rope saddle. We can customize swell height, sizing, cantle height and more to build your ideal rope saddle. 

Rope Saddle Anatomy.jpg


Like in all Bob’s Custom Saddles, we hand-lay our ground seats and hand stitch every cantle, giving us the ability to help get you out of the saddle to rope, but to create a seat and pocket for you to ride your horse better. Our standard seats have a 3.5” cantle.

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