IEA Saddle Program

We at Bob’s Custom Saddles are thrilled to be a part of the IEA as the premier western saddle. Through our award program we are proud to introduce IEA riders to a premium saddle. We believe in helping educate the new blood of our industry — your riders.  

As the premier saddle of the IEA, we are able to reach out to all teams with our IEA Team Saddle Program. The IEA Team Saddle Program is designed to help you as an IEA Team coach introduce the IEA premier saddle to your reining and horsemanship riders. We look forward to discussing this program with you to determine how we can best assist your team. 

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Win a Bob's Custom Saddle!

Saddle certificates will be available for teams or riders to win at the IEA Western Semi Finals and National Finals.

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