Brandi Lyons Saddles by Bob's Custom Saddles

Working hand-in-hand with Brandi Lyons, we started with one of our most popular trees, and made modifications for a close contact ride and maximum rider comfort to create the Brandi Lyons Saddle by Bob's Custom Saddles.

This saddle is in-skirt rigged with a large leg-cut in the skirt for maximum close contact to your horse. A specially designed tree and seat provide extra cushion for the rider.  Each detail on this saddle has been selected by Brandi including the custom designed silver and tooling pattern. 

This saddle was designed for maximum comfort for the rider and ultimate closeness to the horse for a better overall ride. 

Custom designed by Brandi Lyons for maximum rider comfort and contact to your horse.

Custom designed by Brandi Lyons for maximum rider comfort and contact to your horse.

When designing this saddle I kept the Lyons method in mind: Pain is a distraction. When we are in pain or uncomfortable we tend not to focus as well. I was trying to not only make sure my horse was comfortable but I, as the rider, also wanted to be comfortable. Over the last 20 years of training I have seen so many people spend so much money on halters, tools and gimmicks, but they ride in uncomfortable saddles — they are setting themselves and their horses up for failure. If you are comfortable and not thinking of your butt hurting or your knees hurting you can spend more time on top of your horse making a difference! Riding in a comfortable position makes you sit better and use your hands and legs in a correct manner, thus you send quality signals to the horse. Having a comfortable saddle so you and your horse are not distracted by pain and can focus on good communication is the key to having a better ride and a better horse!
— Brandi Lyons


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Saddle Details

The Brandi Lyons No Limits Saddle by Bob's Custom Saddles features custom designs by Brandi from the tree to the silver and tooling.

  • Tree: Brandi Lyons (8 1/4" front end)

  • Cantle: 3" Cheyenne

  • Seat Style: Double Padded Brandi Lyons Seat

  • Seat Color: Chocolate Smoothout

  • Tooling: 1" Small Basket Border with #4 Floral Corners

  • Oil Color: Medium Oil (pictured)

  • Silver: Custom Brandi Lyons Silver with 4 sets of strings

  • Stirrups: 2" Leather Laced (pictured)