B18-534 Ranch Versatility

B18-534 Ranch Versatility


Ranch Versatility Saddles by Bob's Custom Saddles

Our Ranch Versatility saddles offer the same great ride and performance you've come to expect in a Bob's Custom Saddle, specially designed for the Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail, Ranch on the Rail and Versatility Ranch Horse events. Take your Bob's Custom Saddle to the Ranch Horse pen because we are Ranch Versatility.

Details About this Saddle

Half basket and small aztec border tooled Ranch Versatility saddle with a California hardseat. This saddle features a Texas Dally horn and a rear cinch to make it ideal for the Ranch classes.

  • Tree: BW (8 1/2" tall front end)

  • Cantle: 3" DL

  • Seat Style: California Hardseat

  • Seat Color: Hardseat

  • Tooling: Half Small Basket with Small Aztec Border

  • Oil Color: Medium

  • Conchos: #244 West Coast

  • Stirrups: 2.5" 5-Ply Wood Work Stirrups

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