B18-381 Silver Show Saddle

B18-381 Silver Show Saddle


Silver Show Saddles by Bob's Custom Saddles

We use premier Hermann Oak heavy skirting leather on our silver show saddles, which gives our artisan toolers the ability to create deeper hand-carved tooling. 

Our silver show saddles feature hand-engraved silver overlay, giving us the ability to create a custom design for you. 

We take pride in being able to say our craftsmen have over 30 years experience in building your silver Bob's Custom Show Saddle.

The combination of our equitation seat, skirt cut-up and fender placement will sit you in the winning position. 

Details About this Saddle

Full floral tooled Silver Show Saddle with double padded California equitation seat and equitation fenders, diagonal corners and custom silver. This intricate silver design features a three-dimensional overlaid scrolled pattern with tasteful dyed black housing and seat jockey.

  • Tree: DL (8 1/4" front end)

  • Cantle: 3" DL

  • Seat Style: Double Padded California

  • Seat Color: Black Rough-Out

  • Tooling: Full #4 Floral

  • Oil Color: No Oil

  • Silver: Custom Scrolled Silver Overlay Design

  • Stirrups: 2" Leather Tooled

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