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With a Bob's Custom Show Saddle it's easy to show your personal flair. We offer over 60 models to chose from, and, if you don't see what you like, we can build it for you! Seeing you shine in the show ring is our pleasure!

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B09-0108 B09-109    
Priced at
B08-0093 B03-0965 B03-0963 B03-0962
Priced at
B08-0107 B08-0105 B08-0101 B08-0094
  B07-0732 B06-1519 B06-1398 B05-1211
  B03-0960 B04-1198 B03-0967 B03-0968
  B03-0970 B03-0966    
Priced at
B08-0103 B03-0964 B03-0961 B03-0969
  B04-1199 B04-1371 B04-1413 B05-1207
  B05-1209 B05-0505 B05-0507 B05-0754
  B05-0896 B06-1393 B07-0729 B07-0733
Priced at
B08-0104 B05-1208 B05-0377 B05-1219
  B05-0598 B05-0751 B08-0106 B05-0753
  B05-0755 B07-0727 B08-0088 B08-0089
  B08-0096 B08-0100 B08-0102  
Priced at
B05-0752 B05-0837 B08-0090 B08-0095
  B08-0097 B08-0098 B08-0099  
Priced at
$13,995 & up
B11-0064 B11-0015 B08-0449 B05-1220
  B05-0758 B08-0092    
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Like all Bob's Custom Saddles, our Show line is made using only select Hermann Oak leather, hand-made, hand-stamped and lined with real sheepskin. For the comfort and performance of your horse, all Bob's Custom Saddles are made on the finest trees available. Each tree comes with a guarantee. As always, each saddle is inspected by Bob Haley himself, so you can rest assured your Bob's Custom Saddle will be of the highest quality and free of defects.

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