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B07-1413 B07-1314 B03-0952 B08-0080 B07-1390
B06-0329 B06-0692 B07-1382 B07-1384 B07-1510
B07-1383 B06-0692 B03-0932 B03-0933 B03-0934
B03-0935 B03-0936 B03-0937 B04-1167 B04-1170
B06-1520 B08-0067 B08-0068 B08-0069 B08-0070
B06-0436 B08-0085 B06-1352 B06-1384 B08-0065
B08-0066 B06-0770 B08-0076 B08-0077 B08-0079
B03-0947 B03-0941 B04-1179 B08-0073 B08-0084
B03-0943 B03-0944 B08-0082 B08-0083 B08-0109
B03-0938 B03-0939 B04-1207 B08-0071 B08-0072
B08-0108 B06-0768  

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Like all Bob's Custom Saddles, our reining line is made using only select Hermann Oak leather, hand-made, hand-stamped and lined with real sheepskin. For the comfort and performance of your horse, all Bob's Custom Saddles are made on the finest trees available. Each tree comes with a guarantee. As always, each saddle is inspected by Bob Haley himself, so you can rest assured your Bob's Custom Saddle will be of the highest quality and free of defects.

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