Bob Haley

Meet Bob Haley

"I grew up in California on my grandfather's throughbred ranch, Rancho Casitas. He raised about 100 foals per year and ran about 2500 to 3000 head of cattle. Our 200 head of horses were spread over several hundred acres and the pens were large -- 20 acres or more. At the age of three, I began riding with my parents on horseback. It was wonderful to grow up with the mares and foals. I especially enjoyed watching the horses run -- their spirits free as they raced across the open terrain," says Bob Haley.

Bob's love for horses continued into his adulthoood. He showed horses for several years, primarily competing in the West Coast AHSA show circuit. He won Reserve Champion National Cowhorse in California on a mare named Little Clara. Bob also competed in other events such as Western Pleasure, Western Equitation, Reining, Stock Horse, Trail, and Cow Horse. Among these events, Bob says he loved reining the most.

"My experience showing horses taught me that the closest and safest position on a horse was at the withers. This position allows you to move with the horse even when the horse decides to do a 180 degree turn," says Bob.

"Knowing that position is essential to performance. I have designed each of our saddles to place you close to the pocket created by the horse's shoulders and withers. The ground seat in our saddles puts you, when fit without a saddle pad, close to the horse's back. Our fenders are designed to hang directly beneath you and allows you to sit up directly over your feet and maintain your balance even when you stand up in your stirrups or sit straight down. Any other design would tip your torso, thus changing the position of your thigh and preventing you from having the maximum ability to swing your legs forward or back," he continues.

Bob's offers many saddle styles and options. The fairest way to decide which Bob's best fits your needs is to call one of our fine dealers or see us at an upcoming horse show or event.

"I love my Bob's," says Bob Haley. "I know you'll love yours, too!"