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B09-0749 B09-0750 B10-0088 B10-0089 B10-1261
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B09-0026 B09-0024 B08-1189 B08-1185 B08-1186
B09-1184 B08-1183 B08-1182 B08-1187 B08-1188
B08-1178 B09-0011 B09-0013 B09-1180 B08-1179
B08-1171 B08-1172 B07-1389 B09-0014 B08-1177
B03-0957 B06-1354 B07-1406 B07-1387 B08-1175
B03-0958 B03-0959 B04-1195 B06-1351 B07-1388
B09-0018 B06-0677 B09-0066 B07-1386 B03-0954
B03-0955 B07-1415 B08-0110 B08-0111 B03-0953
B06-1367 B03-0956 B04-1192 B07-1416 B07-1417
B07-1418 B09-0754 B08-1176  

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Like all Bob's Custom Saddles, our Cowhorse line is made using only select Hermann Oak leather, hand-made, hand-stamped and lined with real sheepskin. For the comfort and performance of your horse, all Bob's Custom Saddles are made on a rawhide covered solid wood tree. Each tree comes with a pro-rated unconditional guarantee. As always, each saddle is inspected by Bob Haley himself, so you can rest assured your Bob's Custom Show Saddle will be of the highest quality and free of defects.

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