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Caring for your Bob's Custom Saddle

Bob Haley recommends you use Leather New to clean and care for your Bob's Custom Saddle. Leather New is the first self-polishing saddle soap. One of the only leather preparations that cleans and polishes in one easy step. Farnam Leather New cleans, softens, and preserves the color and texture of leather, then dries to a long-lasting, high-gloss shine. A vast improvement over current formulas that won't dull the leather like saddle soaps, won't stain the leather like neatsfoot oil and won't rub off on or soil clothing. Actually restores the leather, renews it, makes your saddle bright and new with a single application.

First remove all dust and dirt from the leather with a soft brush or vacuum. Then spray Leather New directly onto the leather. NOTE: Do not allow Leather New to run. Use a soft, dry cloth to rub the liquid well into the leather. Be sure to use a cloth with enough nap to reach down into stitches and carving. Rub throughly until foam disappears. Then polish with a clean dry cloth. Also use Leather new on wet leather to prevent stiffening. Use it on stiff leather to soften it and prevent cracking.