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Barrel Saddle

Nothing feels like a Bob's - both to the horse and rider. The smooth and supple leather gives you a quality that you will not find anywhere else in the Barrel Racing world.

Bob's saddles are the preferred saddle of Black Hawk College's award-winning equestrian team and ridden by their coach, Donna Irvin. Donna is a Great Lakes Circuit Barrel Racing finalist, Women's Professional Rodeo Association Circuit Director, and Co-Instructor at Sharon Camarillo's clinics.

Donna says "The open front of the tree allows for full shoulder movement so that horses can easily lengthen their stride, comfortably lift their shoulders and round through their backs for move powerful, balanced turns. The tree fits a wide variety of backs, from mature high withered horses to round backed three year olds. The professional designed ground seat, along with the center hung fenders, aid the rider's ability to feel the horse for subtle cueing and centered riding. Barrel racing is technical and high speed! Saddles are an essential tool to help maximize performance and training inside and out of the arena. It is exciting to now have the classic, timeless, and tasteful design of Bob's Custom Saddles available in our sport!"

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